1. Who would you like to be?


explorer and mad scientist.

2. Your idea of earthly bliss?


palm trees + whiskey + falling asleep with

loved ones.

3. The most miserable thing? 


feeling trapped.

4. Where do you want to live?

by the sun. in the mountains. by the ocean.  

5. What gift would you like to give?

dis 360 wrist work. art through multiple mediums.

6. What fault could you forgive?


social pre-sets.

7. Favorite Painter?

wangechi mutu. frida kahlo. mark rothko.

takashi murakami.


8. Favorite Musician?


future. black sabbath.

9. Favorite book:


the autobiography of malcolm x.

the works of kahlil gibran.

she's gotta have it, spike lee.

zora neale hurston, folklore,

memoirs, and other writings.

girl on the train, paula hawkins

the harry potter books

10. Favorite color?


hues of blues. red. black.

11. Favorite movie?



12. Hate most?


people with ill motives. move.


13. Love most?


the arts. my family. food.

jameson. eric champloo.


14. Words to live by?


Why not?